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About The Band

Stu and The Gurus is the brainchild of Philadelphia-area bandleader Stu Skaroff. Stu is a trained singer and a master of the diatonic harmonica. A dedicated wordsmith, Stu wrote most of the lyrics for the band’s debut CD, New Car Smell.

This Time Around cover artThe band’s name expresses Stu’s assertion that anyone playing in his band is a guru of their instrument(s). Millard Brown is the band’s lead guitarist and musical director. Our CD and CD-release party featured a 10-piece band, but The Gurus can gig with as few as two members, as is evidenced by our recent XFS (Extreme Folk Scene) house concert, where Stu and Millard performed the entire CD unplugged.

Stu and The Gurus are currently performing in the Philadelphia area and are working on new material. We love what we do, and we are seeking a wider audience.